Unscripted – by MJ DeMarco

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Unscripted – by MJ DeMarco

‘Life Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship’

Has life regressed into paying bills and living for a weekend?

You weren’t born to slave 9 – 5, Monday through Friday, paying the bills and then die. When life’s final moment arrives, what will your spirit sing? Regret and remorse? Or peace and happiness?

UNSCRIPTED: is your pen to rewrite a future that’s already been written, don’t wait for life’s twilight to dream about time machines, it exists in the moment. The opportunity to resurrect your dreams and change history awaits.

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Has life regressed into paying bills and living for a weekend?


You weren’t born to slave 9 – 5, Monday through Friday, paying the bills and then die. When life’s final moment arrives, what will your spirit sing?

Regret and remorse? Or peace and happiness?

You see, if you fail your dreams it won’t be because you lacked effort or enthusiasm, it will because your life was sold into a Machivallian system where your lifetime role was already SCRIPTED for an uninspiring performance. You’re been unwittingly cast to play a rigged carnival game masquerading as life, which few win and many lose

UNSCRIPTED: is your pen to rewrite a future that’s already been written, don’t wait for life’s twilight to dream about time machines, it exists in the moment. The opportunity to ressurrect your dreams and change history awaits

Life, liberty and the pursuit of entrepreneurship. It’s awaking in the morning and pinching yourself black and blue – OMG – this is my life

  • You live in your dream house but there is no mortgage, alarm clock, boss, or bills
  • No claims on the day other than the  ones you choose
  • It’s making more money before breakfast than you made for an entire week at your last job
  • It’s a crazy expensive car in the carage, that isn’t in your dreams but awake in the reailty

This life exists… Make no mistake. And in a  few short years it could be yours as well. You don’t need 5 decades of thankless jobs, mind numbing frugality and patient investing with our trusted friends on Wall St. Unfortunately you’ve been scripted to believe that such a life is out of your reach, or only possible for a certain type of person, someone with a certain college degree, VC funding, or certain contact list from Stanford – that’s all bullshit.

In the Matrix, Neo is given a choice: swallow the blue pill and continue living a mediocre ignorance, or swallow the red pill and jolt awake to a few but imperfect truth. Within the film’s dark dystopia, the Matrix represents the default operating system of the human species – a virtual reality enslaving us to a parasitic machine race

This operating system has granted you an inauthentic life of someone else’s design? A life you did not choose. A life meticulously pre-planned and preordained to follow a predictable blueprint of mediocrity

Get red pilled our fellow human being, you’re living by a script.



This is the path of life for the most people…


  • Go to a college and earn a degree, regardless of cost, demand or economics
    • Finance your commodified education with an indiscriminate appetite for student loans, with the 5 preapproved credit cards already accepted
    • Graduate with empty credientials and a useless degree making you no different to the millions with the same degree
    • Leave the cloistered world of university saddled with debt

First jobs

  • Get a job so you can officially join the ranks of time prostitute
    • Trading huge blocks of your life’s time bank, 5 days of 7, in exchange for little pieces of paper called money
    • Slave all day, usually repeating monotonous tasks so you can pay for the education you just left
    • (some) use credit cards to live conveniently
    • Party hard at the club. Buy rounds of drinks to impress strangers and woman out of your league

Grow older

  • Climb the corporate ladder
    • Wake up hit snooze, wake up again
    • Get into routine, work , traffic and Seinfeld reruns
    • Repeat 4 times a week
    • Work overtime and show your corporate overlords that you’re will to do whatever it takes
    • Hate your job, tolerate coworkers and love your pay check
    • Buy a cool car, a condo and cool clothes

Grow older

  • Vacation two weeks every year, only when the overloards permit
  • Spend to fill a void you can’t explain
  • Feel cornered: by a job, mortgage, a car , credit card and an existance
  • Feel freedom drip away while medicating the truth with distraction , more consumer debt and fictional escapes

Grow older

  • Hear your biological clock ticking
  • Start dating… Marry .. Spend a fortune on a six hour wedding that takes 6 years to pay off
  • Continue working, spending, distraction, dreading Sunday nights
  • Dread Monday more
  • Dream about quitting and travelling the world
  • Dream about dreams long dead

Grow older

  • Have kids, raise your kids, get responsible
    • Change your debt perception
    • Start retirement planning
  • Save for your child’s education, work harder and longer
  • Get out of debt, make a budget, follow a budget, cancel movie channels

Grow older

  • Trust you’ll be able to retire at 65
    • Trust you’ll be alive at 65
    • Trust compound interest hoping it gives you 10%, despite 0% interest rates for the last decade
  • Insist your kids get good grades and like you, get a job so they can repeat the same death march you can’t escape
    • Teach kids the difference between pipe dreams and reailty
    • Continue working, aging in indifference, set to autopilot

Wither older

  • Feel regret, remorse
  • Your bucket list is full and your time bank is near empty
  • Your portfolio shares a similar state of emptiness
  • Hit 65
  • Come to the unpleasant truth that stocks didn’t return what was promised
  • Delay retirement for more work

Time doesn’t give a shit that you worked 60 years and trusted money in the index fund, and that you paid a kings ransom in taxes. Time doesn’t care what was promised and what was delivered.

Because it’s time to die before retirement, before resolving the regret

What presumptive rules, social mores, and cultural norms have you followed without question? And have those constructs given you the life you dreamed?

There are things that resonate like white noise, a nagging chorus of dissonant emotions continually whispering life’s swill. One could be the whisper of insignificance. Other ones are weekly appointments with anguish

The arrival of Sunday Night and Monday morning are like hide and seek with the grim reaper.


Sunday evening is the litmus test for a SCRIPTED existance

How do you feel about the impending Monday?

You see before the script clawed into you, you were once free, pure and unmolested

You’d wake up happy and be excited about the day. As a kid, you had fantastic dreams and unstoppable visions powering an optimistic future – you wanted to be the next DiCaprio, Hemmingway, Jordan or Elvis

And then something happened – you grew up. Who smoked these dreams out of you?

The Seeders

Seeders write and enforce scripted doctrine:

  1. Friends and family : our life sucks, so yours should do

Most SCRIPTS start with family. As a child your defenceless to imprinting. They want what they think is best for you, but what’s best in their eyes is what is normal and safe. Unless you have carefully cultivated your friends and coworkers, they don’t want you succeeding before their own success

Ever tell a peer you got a new job? Notice the likes and congratulations. Tell them you quit to go after your dreams, stink face

Script divergence is unacceptable – you must be like us, stay with us in the 9-5 model. Speak anything outside the model and watch friends drop, loved ones doubt or disown you.

2. Education: get in line, raise your hand, follow instructions

The truth is we’re being indoctrinated, not educated. As soon as you’re old enough to hold a crayon you’re taught that work, or “things I’d rather not do” starts Monday and ends on Friday – while play is reserved for the weekend

You must trade 2600 weeks of your life, you must surrender 5 days into the system… Good deal?

In school failure is a bad thing marked by a bloody F, and a parental beatdown, failure is admonished. Fail and you’re grounded – no TV, no iPad

Is it any shock that straight A students make great employees, while the C students are the ones hiring them?

3. Corporate seeders: be all you can be

Whereas education teaches us to be good little employees, the corporate seeder tells us why. So you can afford all the goodies we make and be happy. Corporate advertising makes it clear: happiness, success or fulfilment is just a credit card away.


All of the scripted BS has one hymn in common:

Sell youthful time now, buy elderly time later. There are two scripted paths that lead to the one destination.



Door 1 – The Sidewalk – the Pay it Now Culture

The sidewalk’s attributes:

  • Happiness through consumption
  • Debt and dependance
  • Slave is corporations and/or government
  • Rate race: consume, debt, work, repeat

Common thing with sidewalkers they are always “one something” from broke. One paycheck, business deal, gig, album failure, contract. Unrestrained spending is often justified with cute acronyms like YOLO, TGIF, or FML

Sidewalkers have no financial plan other than a relentless pursuit of cash to fund a lifestyle built on credit and yesterday’s pay check

The bottom line: walk through Door #1 and you will be leashed by consumption, collared by debt and owned by corporations

Door 2 – The Slowlane – Trade today for tomorrow

The slowlane’s attributes:

  • Freedom comes later through investing
  • Deprivation
  • Slavemaster is time and wall street
  • All about hope

You’re in the rat race: save, work, invest, wait, repeat

Saving, investing and paying down debt appears the responsible choice because it’s pitched by culture, media and a trillion dollar financial industry

The promise is, miserly saving and investing today will lead to freedom tomorrow

In other words, incarcerate 90% of your adult life in a job so you can hope to enjoy the last 10%.

At the heart of the slowlane is the reasonable idea: stop consuming, however, stop consuming kind of means stop living. So deprive yourself, settle for less, lower your expectations. Defer spending, defer experiencing – vacations, restaurants and movies – and defer life until retirement

The slowlane is a multi-trillion dollar industry lickspittled by famous authors and radio personalities, financial planners, money managers. Not surprisingly, these fiscal prostitutes don’t get rich practicing their advice, they get rich teaching it. Pick up any book about personal finance and you’re likely to read a 200 page mind-fuck about being cheap.




Wealth : the fastlane roadmap


The fastlane is a business system –

Time perception – time is the most important asset I have, far exceeding money

Education – moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing

Money perception – is the reflection of the lives I have touched

Destination – passive income


Applied this means:

  • instead of buying products on TV, sell products
  • Instead of borrowing money, lend it
  • Instead of taking a class, offer a class
  • Instead of taking a job, hire for jbs
  • Break free from consumption, switch sides and reorient to the world as a producer





  1. Understand that difficulty is the opportunity

The shortcut scam is the idea that extraordinary results can be achieved by uncovering a secret bypass or a miracle weapon, and such can skirt real hard work that creates extraordinary results. Not surprisingly, as bees are to honey, so is the world’s thirst for the shortcut.

Look everywhere, the promise of shortcuts – the drug company, that guru, that financial planner, that plastic surgeon, the personal trainer. Everyone claims the shortcut that will make you millions, abolish that pregnancy weight and make you an instant casanova in bed


The opportunity of difficulty: there is no fucking list

Entrepreneurship is about problem-solving, creating convenience, satisfying desires and becoming valuable. When you say “I want to be an entrepreneur” – you’re really saying is “I want to be a lifetime problem solver”. Those problems then translate into value for those who need their problem to be solved. On the other hand, an easified entreprepreneur who’s drunk the shortcut Koolaid wanders aimlessly

They love the entrepreneurs benefits, but don’t like solving problems. Instead they’re looking for plug and play paint by numbers solutions – simply sign up here and you have a business, complete this form and you’ll get your quickstart guide….

The duplicity of an easified entrepreneur is like trying to speed skate but refusing to take the ice. Easified entrepreneurs say “I have this idea but it’s too hard”

If you’re an entrepreneur scoping for ideas, the best ideas are the hard ones because the difficult ones represent opportunity

When difficulty doesn’t exist and the commandment of entry doesn’t loom, a red flag is hoisted – you aren’t solving problems. If you do something that takes minutes to solve, then was there really a problem?



2. Get domain experience


Where the idea might come from: your job

Your best bet at uncovering a great idea and paving your unscripted path comes from the entrepreneur wants to do: get a damn job. The biggest roadblock to find legitimate ideas isn’t your sensitivity to concepts of needs/wants, but a lack of experience – both in life and at the workplace. The fact is, most new businesses spawn from the foudner’s domain experience

Domain experience is any acitvity or industry you are familiar with. If you’ve spent 5 years at a mattress store as a manager, then you have serious domain experience in bedding. If you’re on the water every weekend fishing or sailing, you have experience

MJ ran a limousine company for several years, which gave him inner knowledge of the nuances that gave him an amazing opportunity spanning a decade



3. Improve your odds of connecting


Failure – hall of famers fail 70% of the time

Every year, thousands start businesses and start taking stabs at being the boss and every year thousands crap out as disastrous failures – 90% of businesses fail within the first 5 years: you will contribute to the statistic at some point

The question is, will your updated resume be the death certificate of your entrepreneurial dreams? Or will you keep swinging

Entrepreneurship is a lot like baseball. You got to take a lot of ugly swings, foul balls and strikeouts.


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