Alex Banayan

Alex Banayan

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Alex Banayan was lying on the bed in his college dorm room staring at the ceiling wondering what he actually wanted to do with his life. He knew he wanted to do something big, so he tried researching his heroes to see how they got started. But after reading through business books and biographies, he couldn’t find the very FIRST thing people did – before they had a name or a reputation or money or credibility, how did they get a foot in the door?

Because he couldn’t find the book he was looking for, he decided to write it himself. His goal was to find the best in the world and get them to pass their advice onto the next generation. From Bill Gates to Warren Buffet to Steven Spielberg to Lady Gaga to Quincy Jones to Maya Angelou to Mark Zuckerberg, Alex tried to pull together their stories and advice for forging your own path to success.


Grab a copy of ‘The Third Door’ here:

Check out Alex and his book here:

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Alex Banayan

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Alex Banayan

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