We’re Adam and Adam, two young Aussie blokes that love reading great books. Together, we host a weekly podcast called What You Will Learn, where we share the best bits from the best books and interview the world’s top authors.

As we were coming to the end of our formal education, we were confronted with a question most people ask themselves at one stage of their lives.  Is this it? A well-defined path of Engineering (for AJ) and Corporate Banking (AA)  was the unquestioned route of all our peers in Uni. We both connected as we were the only ones who ‘didn’t really get it’, we thought perhaps, there might be another way to go about things. We didn’t really know much about the world, or amounted to much other than middle of the line University Graduates lucky to land a job in corporate. We were just convinced that the traditional route ahead, wasn’t for us. We were naturally drawn to podcasts, and most profoundly, we were drawn to books which gave us a taste of a different world,  one that we weren’t familiar with – you know what you know because your family, friends, teachers and community are all pretty much the same as you, so it take some outside influence to reveal a different world and other potential paths.

The seed was planted that you can do something different and get out there and try things – taking a swing will be terrifying at first, and you probably won’t be any good at first, but if you keep trying different things then, you might be able to change things for the better . We kept trying different ideas, most of which were terrible.  But each attempt led to lessons and improvements through the lens of the books we were reading, and we kept seeking ways to better ourselves and our performances.

Each book we read proposed a different skill or a different approach. It was at this time the What You Will Learn podcast was born – we realised that no single book has all of the answers, but you can access someone’s life’s work and wisdom and gradually chunk together the different pieces of the puzzle. For the cost of $30 and a few hours of reading time, finding one great lesson hidden within the pages makes it all worth it. We became almost addicted to learning more by reading more, so each week we read a great book and share the best lessons on our show.

Our goal wasn’t to get big – we figured that we would be forced to read and retain more ourselves, and if we helped one person read a book that helped them out, then that would be enough. As expected, no one listened for 6 months, but we were getting so much out of it for ourselves that we kept going. We started interviewing some of our idols, international best-selling authors like Seth Godin and Robert Cialdini, so we were committed to the long game of showing up every week and sharing a few lessons (and a few laughs too).

We’re making a commitment that almost no other podcast in the world was taking: the time it takes us to read the book, take notes, review the best bits, prepare our mind map, and discuss our episode plan, we’re averaging around 45 minutes of behind-the-scenes preparation for each 1 minute recording. Each month we now have over 50,000 people listening, we are impacting a lot more people than the one person we set out to help in the beginning. The podcast is growing rapidly, and the change we’re beginning to change things in the lives of our listeners – something well beyond what we thought was possible.

If you want to get in touch, email us at podcast@whatyouwilllearn.com or join in the discussion at https://bookclub.whatyouwilllearn.com


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  1. Adam
    Following your podcasting course on Highbrow.
    Cannot find your “The Podcast About Podcasts” on Stitcher search.

  2. Hey guys I have successfully listened to all of your podcasts from start to finish. I enjoy the straight up no bullshit understanding of each book with plenty of laughs in between.
    Keep it up cheers.

  3. Hi Guys I appreciate you for your podcast listening to it is my favorite thing to do in the mornings. Please keep up the good work! And if you guys get a chance please check out How We Learn: The Surprising Truth About When, Where, and Why It Happens.

    Thank you,
    William Garcia

  4. Hey guys, loving the content! Out of all the book reviewers/summarizers etc., you’re my favorite. But can you please setup your microphones better? It’s very hard to listen at higher speed… also sometimes even at 1x it’s hard to understand what you’re saying because you’re joining the words fast and I can’t fully understand your OZ accent. There’s sometimes too much noise, I’m listening on Sennheiser headphones(not earphones) and compared to most podcasts it’s just not clear.

    Overall, great atmosphere and you’re a great combo 🙂

    1. Hey Ivan, sorry just seeing this now. Has it improved since you posted this at the start of the year? Always trying to improve sound quality, admittedly was absolutely horrendous at the start – getting better but still room for improvement

  5. What Joe Rogan is to MMA, the boys are to index funds and passive investment management. Acorns sponsorship on the cards!?

    All jokes aside, I’ve only just discovered this gem and it’s my new favourite listening. Thanks gents, keep up the great work!

    1. Cheers Timbo! Glad you’re enjoying the ride (and that’s actually not a bad suggestion! we’re both horrendous at saving – we both know exactly WHAT to do… we just don’t DO it).

  6. hi Adams! Ryan from Sydney, been loving your podcasts and been listening to them on the road as I work in the community! driving around Sydney makes for good podcasting time! I just wanted to inquire for a friend, it was an earlier podcast but are you guys still issuing out the “quit smoking without willpower” by Adam Carr?

    I have a friend who I believe will appreciate the gesture and if I can find the podcast will definitely send his way! but I can’t seem to find it on spotify?

  7. Hi guys – I have occasionally listened. I should read Atomic Habits so I get better at it. But I have LOVED your top ten end of year books.
    About the monetising – fair enough. Can you offer 2 levels – subscription – say – for $1 or $2 a month to avoid the ads and free with the ads.
    I got hooked on things like the NYT from the $1 a week for 6 months offer…..and now for the last couple of years cos I’m addicted to it I get zapped $27.50 a month for it and I’m happy so I can keep reading.
    Keep up the good work guys. Its authentic!

    1. Thanks for this suggestion (sorry I just only saw this now!). Your NYT experience sounds a lot like the book ‘Hooked’ we did a few weeks back… Definitely something worth considering in the future – it’s probably a good idea to have the free version with advertising and the option to have the paid version without. We tried to set up a Patreon a few years back but we started way too soon, now might be a better time to try it again.
      Thanks again,
      Adam & Adam

  8. My Favorite podcast of all time, i was looking for something like this and finally found it Thank you Adams for making my 1 hour train ride to work super fun, i was laughing my ass off with your song of the book The 7 Habits of Highly  Effective people . great job and keeep the episodes rolling. Greetings form Germany

    1. Cheers legend! Glad you’re enjoying all the way from Germany and that we can inject a few laughs every now and then.

      P.S: I reckon 80% of messages we get reference the songs, most of those saying they’re glad it’s gone but a special few who want us to bring them back

  9. Hi lads

    Really enjoying your podcast I haven’t had the energy to run a business do the book work and read since having a kid but can unwind to this. Great content of so many books I have had on the to read list love the discussion too thanks boys.

    1. Hey Steve, appreciate the kind words! Glad you’re enjoying and hope we can keep ticking off a bunch of those ‘to read’ books (it seems like every time we tick one off, three more get added… but moving in the right direction at least!)
      Adam & Adam

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