100th BOOK!! Our Top 10 Lessons

100th BOOK!! Our Top 10 Lessons

We just read and reviewed our 100th book for this podcast. We thought we’d pull together what we found to be the Top 10 lessons from all of these great books:

  1. You’re gonna die someday
  2. Be proactive (realise that you have the power to take action)
  3. Get in the arena, don’t sit on the sidelines
  4. Delayed Gratification (long-term satisfaction far outweighs instant gratification)
  5. The Power of Questions and the Importance of Curiosity
  6. Bias for Action (thinking and planning and dreaming are nice, but action is vital)
  7. Place lots of Minimum Bets
  8. Effectiveness VS Efficiency (best Time Management tips)
  9. Listen before you Talk
  10. You’re either Remarkable or you’re Invisible


If you like what you heard and think you would benefit from this episode format of synthesising the best lessons from a bunch of books, please get in touch. If you hate this and think we should stick to the script, also please let us know. Get in touch any time at podcast@whatyouwilllearn.com

If you want to check out any of these books in more detail, scroll through the podcast to find the books that intrigued you, or even grab a few books for yourself here: http://www.bookdepository.com/?a_aid=adamsbooks

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