Online Course – Side Hustle

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If you’re currently in a job but aren’t overly thrilled at the look of traditional path, then perhaps you should start thinking about creating your own ‘side hustle’. You’re probably somewhere on the track of study, work for 50 years, save 10% a year, and hopefully one day you’ll have enough to retire. But by taking on new side projects and developing new skills, you can change the trajectory of your career and fast track your success.

Trying new things will help you learn and grow. These side projects can give you the opportunity to do things you want to do, develop crucial new skills, and build strong relationships and networks.

In this course, we’re going to be presenting you with a range of ideas for different projects you can try. Some of these are ‘intrepreneurial’ projects that you can do in your job, while others are entrepreneurial that you do in your own time. We also show you a range of skills required for starting a business that you will learn as you go. Whether you want to become a more valuable employee, or you want to one day work for yourself, this course will plant the seed that you can achieve more.

Who is the target audience?
  • Someone who wants to grow their skills and learn new things to improve their value and eventually leave their job

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