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What you get?
– Book of the month delivered to your door
– Monthly group Skype calls conversations. Talking about book of the month, goals, small talk! This will be two way conversation and we will be sure to make it fun.
– All ‘BONUS’ episodes. It was painful not including these on the show because they were all good books! We’ll have episodes on books, author interviews, and maybe even other experimental formats. Here is ‘Write to Sell’ that never made it to the podcast (Adam Jones made up a heinous ‘example’ off the top of his head)

– Side Hustle . This is an online course on Udemy. This is a course that goes very wide on all of the possible side projects that are out there. We are big believers that side projects are the best way to progress faster in life. This podcast was a side hustle! Here is the promo video:

– Free book summary PDF’s. We only do these for the best of the best books. An example of ‘The Effective Executive’ is found below. You can expect more to come.

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– All ‘BONUS’ episodes on our secret channel.
– ‘Side Hustle’ online course.
– Free book summaries (as described above).

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