Dealing With People You Can’t Stand – by Dr Rick Brinkman and Dr Rick Kirschner

Dealing with People You Can’t Stand – by Dr Rick Brinkman

‘How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst’

This is a phenomenal book. Top 10 in our eyes. EVERYONE has someone in their life that they can’t stand (and there’s plenty of people that can’t stand you either). The two Dr Ricks provide some great tactics for dealing with all different personality types.

The ‘Lens of Understanding’ itself is worth the money and time invested into reading this book. It combines two spectrums (task/people focus and passive/aggressive assertiveness levels), three zones (cooperation, caution and danger zones), four behaviours (get it done, get it right, get along, get appreciated), four intents (control, perfection, approval, attention), and thirteen different personality types (tanks, snipers, grenades, know-it-alls, think-they-know-it-alls, yes people, maybe people, nothing people, no people, whiners, judges, meddlers and martyrs), all in one simple diagram! Absolutely amazing.

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