The Easy Way to Stop Smoking – by Allen Carr

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking – by Allen Carr


Most books and programs about quitting smoking focus on all of the negatives of continuing to smoke: the extreme health risks, the obscene financial cost, and so on. But the problem is – that doesn’t work! Smokers already know the health risks, but that didn’t make them stop. The other problem is it talks about ‘giving up’ smoking and you’re always feeling like you’re sacrificing something.

Instead, Allen Carr speaks from the smokers side, as someone who smoked for 33 years and found it hard to quit. He eliminates any excuses a smoker will give for continue to smoke, and then highlights the benefits of ‘escaping’ from the slavery of the cigarette.


Adam Jones’s favourite and most impactful book.

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Here is a dot point summary of the book!


Be a happy non smoker for the rest of your life


Book promises to quit

  • Easily, immediately and permanently
  • Without using willpower, aids, substitutes or gimmicks
  • Without suffering depression or withdrawal symptoms
  • Without gaining weight


Further suppose:

  • No initial period of feeling deprived or miserable
  • You enjoy social occasions more
  • You feel more confident and better equipped to handle stress
  • Better able to concentrate



  • You don’t have to spend the rest of your life having to resist he occasional temptation to light a cigarette
  • You don’t find it easy to quit, but actually enjoy the process


Did you ever make the positive decision that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy a meal or social occasion without a cigarette? You wouldn’t be able to handle stress or concentrate?

If there were a magic button that smokers could press to wake up the following morning as if they never lit that first cigarette, the only smokers there would be are the youngsters in the experimental phase

The only thing that prevents us from quitting is fear!

Fear that we wont be able to concentrate, handle stress or be as confident without our little crutch

Fear that our personality or character will change but most of all, the fear that once a smoker, always a smoker



Ch1 – the worst nicotine addict I have ever met


Allen smoked never less than 60 and up to 100 a day


Ch2 – The easy method

  • Object in the book is to get you into the frame of mind, which instead of thinking you need to climb Mount Everest and spend the next few weeks envying other smokers, you can start right away with a feeling of elation, as if you have been cured by a terrible disease
  • The dreadful fear that slavery can transcend friend ship .


The normal method

  • List all the disadvantages of smoking and say, if only you can go long enough without a cigarette the desire to smoke will go. I can enjoy life again free of slavery to the weed


Ch3 – Why is it difficult to stop?

  • The reason we get on it, is because of the thousands already doing it
  • But at the same time all of them wish they never started in the first place, telling us it is a waste of time and money


Ch4 – The sinister trap

  • Our first cigarette tastes awful, our young minds are reassured we will never become hooked, and we think that because we are not enjoying them and we can stop whenever we want to
  • You dare not inhale, and if you have too many you start to feel dizzy and then sick
  • It is our body telling us “You are feeding me poison, stop doing it”
  • With woman, the aim is to be the sophisticated modern young lady – looking absolutely ridiculous
  • The boys are trying to look tough
  • When we are hooked we wait for a period of no stress
  • But as we leave the protection of our parents, the natural process is for more stress, home, mortgages , babies more responsible jobs etc


Ch5 – why do we carry on smoking


Ch6 – nicotine addiction

  • Every puff on a cigarette delivers via the lungs to the brain, a small dose of nicotine that acts more rapidly than heroin in our veins
  • There is no physical pain from the withdraw from nicotine. It is merely and empty, restless feeling that someone is missing
  • It is like hunger – for a poison, nicotine
  • The enjoyment that the smoker gets from a cigarette is the pleasure of trying to get back to the state of peace, tranquility, and confidence that his body had before he became hooked in the first place
  • As soon as you extinguish the cigarette, the craving starts again
  • The whole business of smoking is like wearing tight shoes just to obtain the pleasure you feel when you take them off
  • When you light up you get an almost immediate boost or buzz and do actually feel less nervous or more relaxed, but the cigarette gets the credit


Society refers to the smoking habit and in this book for convenience he refers to it as habit. But it is no more or no less than DRUG ADDICTION


Although nicotine is a powerful drug because of the speed you get hooked, you are never badly hooked

99% of the nicotine leaves your body within 3 weeks

So why do people going through their whole lives pining for a ciggy at odd times?

The brainwashing


Ch7 – brainwashing and the sleeping partner

  • Nicotine is a drug and your senses are drugged, your taste buds, sense of smell
  • The worst aspect of smoking isn’t the injury to your health or pocket, it is the warping of your mind

Funeral, dinner etc

  • The classic example of the brainwashing is in the term, ‘giving up smoking’
  • This implies a genuine sacrifice
  • The beautiful thing is there is nothing to give up
  • On the contrary, you are freeing yourself from a terrible disease and achieving marvelous positive gains
  • Health, energy, wealth, peace of mind, confidence, courage, self respect, happiness and freedom


Ch 9 – stress

Most smokers tend to relieve there withdrawal pangs at times of stress, boredom, concentration or relaxation

  • He lights one up but it appears to help
  • What actually happens is this, without being conscious of it, he has already been suffering aggravation , by relieving the aggregation at times of normal stress, the total stress is reduced and the smoker gets a boost
  • The smoker will feel better than before he had the cigarette
  • The cigarette is not calming your nerves, it is slowly but steadily destroying them.


Ch 10 – boredom

  • Another fallacy is that cigarettes relieve boredom
  • When you addicted there is always something missing
  • When you are bored , there is nothing else taking up your mind, but that little monster
  • Cigarettes tend to increase boredom indirectly, instead of undertaking some energetic activity, smokers tend to lounge around bored, relieving their withdrawal pangs
  • Observe smokers who are smoking because they are bored, they still look bored


Ch 11 – concentration

  • Cigarettes do not help concentration, that is just another illusion
  • They ruin it. Because after a while, even while smoking a cigarette, the withdrawal pangs cease to be completely relieved
  • As the smoker increases the intake, the problem slowly increases
  • It is affected for another reason. The progressive blocking up of your arteries and veins with poisons starve the brain of oxygen
  • Your concentration is greatly improved if the process is reversed
  • It is smokers who suffer withdrawal pangs and not non smokers


Ch12 – relaxation

  • Most smokers think it relaxes them
  • Nicotine is actually a chemical stimulant
  • One of the favourite cigarettes for smokers is that after a meal
  • A meal is when we sit down, relieve our hunger and thirst and then are completely satisfied
  • The poor smoker cannot relax, as he has another hunger to satisfy
  • He thinks it is the icing on the cake, but it is the little monster that needs feeding
  • Smokers aren’t relaxed, they have forgotten what it feels like to be completely relaxed, that is one of the many joys to come


Ch14 – what am I giving up?

  • The fear of being deprived of the pleasure, the fear certain situations will not be the same, the fear we will be unable to cope with stressful situations
  • Cigarettes do not fill a void. They create it!
  • The truth is you have nothing to give up. Once you purge that little monster fro your body and the brain washing from your mind, you will never want cigarettes nor need them


Most people quit for health, money or social stigma – but the best is the psychological

  1. Return of confidence and courage
  2. Freedom from slavery
  3. Not going through life with awful black shadows in the mind, knowing you are being despised by half the population and worst of all despising yourself


Ch15 – self imposed slavery

  • Smokers at events will ask, do you smoke?
  • Yes but have one of mine
  • I will have one of yours later
  • They light up and take a big drag, thinking ‘aren’t we lucky? We got our little reward?’
  • The poor non smoker hasn’t got the reward
  • The poor non smoker doesn’t need the reward


  • The pathetic thing is that even when smoking a cigarette, the smoker doesn’t achieve the feeling of peace, confidence, tranquility that the non smoker has experienced the whole of his non smoking life
  • One of the tremendous joys is the freedom from slavery


Ch16 – I will save x$ a week

  • Smokers say it is only X$ a week
  • I cannot believe you are not worried about that money
  • It will be over 200,000 in a lifetime
  • You are not only using it to ruin your physical health, destroy your nerves and confidence to suffer a lifetime of slavery, bad breath and stained teeth
  • Smokers never consider it a lifetime expense
  • During the withdrawal period you may be tempted to have one final cigarette. It might be good to remind yourself of the lifetime cost


Ch17 – health

  • A lot of smokers can’t get themselves to think of the health risks, but say ‘I am not worried, I can step under a bus tomorrow’
  • The smoker goes through a lot of trouble to not step under a bus, yet the smoker risks the near certainty of being crippled by the weed and appears oblivious to the risks


“You have to die of something”

  • Of course you do, but is that the logical reason for deliberately shortening your life?

“Quality of life is more important than longevity”

  • Exactly. But you are surely not suggesting the quality of life of an alcoholic or heroin addict is greater than that of someone who isn’t?
  • Do you really believe the quality of a smokers life is greater?


Smoker losers on both counts, shorter and more miserable

Smoking nightmare


Ch18 – energy

  • If you could immediately transfer your mind and body to give a direct comparison of yourself in 3 week, you would do it in a heartbeat


Ch19 – it relaxes me and gives me confidence

  • One of the greatest benefits from quitting is you do not have to go through life with the permanent feeling of insecurity that smokers suffer from
  • As he needs to give a balanced account, he has given a chapter to list the advantages of being a smoker


Ch21 – Advantages of being a smoker



Ch22 – Willpower method of smoking

  • Accepted fact that it is difficult, but the truth is it is ridiculously easy
  • The willpower method as any method forces the smoker to think he is making some sort of sacrifice
  • Usually it isn’t until we try and stop that we realise the problem exists
  • There are a lot of disgruntled stoppers, people who spend the rest of their lives bemoaning the fact that they love a cigarette
  • The more he mopes. Will I ever be happy again? How long will the craving last? Will I enjoy a social occasion again? The smoker is waiting for things to improve while he is moping, the cigarette is becoming more and more precious


Ch23 – beware of cutting down

  • It is our attempts to cut down that keeps us trapped our whole lifes
  • You have the worst of all worlds
  1. Still addicted to nicotine
  2. Wishing your life away for the next cigarette
  3. The longer he waits, the more he thinks he enjoys the cigarette


Ch24 – just one cigarette

  • It is one cigarette that got you started in the first place
  • It is just one cigarette to tide us over a difficult patch that defeats most of our attempts to stop


Ch25 – casual smokers, teenagers and non smokers

Allen used to be a golf fanatic

But he wouldn’t brag about how often he played

Why do smokers brag about how little they smoke? If that is the criterion , then isn’t the best accolade to not smoke at all?


“I can go all week without a cigarette” If you did enjoy them, why go all week without one?

How precious must have that been, if he was deprived a full week?


All smokers start off as casual


Ch27 – a social habit?

  • The only reason we get involved in the first place is social pressure from friends
  • Today it is considered by smokers themselves to be incredibly anti social
  • As every day more and more smokers are leaving the sinking ship, so those left on it become terrified they will be the last
  • Don’t let it be you!


Ch28 – timing

When will you stop? Tomorrow? Next year? Year after?

  • Isn’t this the question you have been asking since you first realised you were hooked?


Ch29 – will I miss the cigarette?

  • Stop envying smokers and start seeing them as the miserable, pathetic creatures they really are


Ch 32 – easy way to stop

  1. Make the decision that you are never going to smoke again
  2. Don’t mope about it rejoice
  • All you need to do is stay in that frame of mind during the withdrawal period
  • ” I am never going to smoke again. Isn’t it marvelous?

Ch 33 – the withdrawal period

  • Up to 3 weeks you will have the pangs, need to starve the monster
  • The most pathetic thing is the smoker who gave up for money and health reasons, but still craves a cigarette on certain occasions
  • The business of stopping is an exciting game
  • Think of the monster as a tapeworm inside your stomach, you need to starve him for 3 weeks
  • Whatever you do do not try and gorget about smoking
  • The more you worry about it, the harder it becomes


Ch4 – the main reason for failure

  • Rejoice in the fact that you have broken the chain, most smokers envy you


Ch38 – should I avoid temptations?

In the case of social occasions – go out and enjoy yourself straight away

  • Go to a party, rejoice in the fact that you do not need to smoke
  • It will quickly prove to you the beautiful truth that life is much better without cigarettes


Ch39 the moment of revelation

  • Usually comes about 3 weeks after the smoker has stopped
  • A moment where the brainwashing ends completely, instead of telling yourself you do not need to smoke, you suddenly realise the thread is broken and you can enjoy the rest of your life without ever needing another cigarette again
  • Most people it is one of the most marvelous event in your life


Ch40 – the final cigarette

  1. Do you feel certain of success?
  2. Have you got a feeling of doom and gloom or are you excited?


  • Inhale that filth deep in your lungs and say goodbye


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