The Easy Way to Stop Smoking – by Allen Carr

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking – by Allen Carr


Most books and programs about quitting smoking focus on all of the negatives of continuing to smoke: the extreme health risks, the obscene financial cost, and so on. But the problem is – that doesn’t work! Smokers already know the health risks, but that didn’t make them stop. The other problem is it talks about ‘giving up’ smoking and you’re always feeling like you’re sacrificing something.

Instead, Allen Carr speaks from the smokers side, as someone who smoked for 33 years and found it hard to quit. He eliminates any excuses a smoker will give for continue to smoke, and then highlights the benefits of ‘escaping’ from the slavery of the cigarette.


Adam Jones’s favourite and most impactful book.

If you’re a smoker, or someone close to you is, we want to offer you a copy of the book for free. Email us at or contact us on social media and we’ll organise to have a copy sent to you. The only catch: you HAVE to read it!

Or, grab a copy for yourself or someone you love here:


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