Rework – by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Rework – by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

‘Change the way that you work forever’

Rework is a collection of short chapters that will challenge the way you approach work and business. The authors tackle the conventional wisdom. Just because that’s they way things have always been done doesn’t mean that’s the best way to do it. This book gives you a glimpse into a different way of thinking.

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Here is a dot point summary of the book!


A Takedowns


Ignore the real world

  • “Scratch the surface and you’ll find these real world inhabitants are filled with pessimism and despair


Learning from mistakes is overrated

  • “With so much failure in the air you can’t help but breathe it in. Don’t inhale. Don’t get fooled by the stats. Other peoples failures are just that : other peoples failures”
  • Learning from success gives you real ammunition
  • Success rate


Enough with the entrepreneurs

  • Shit word



Start making something

No time is no excuse

Outside money is plan Z

  • You give up control
  • Cashing out begins to trump building quality
  • Spending other money is addictive
  • It’s usually a bad deal
  • Customers move down the totem pole
  • Raising money is incredibly distracting



Be a curator

Cut stuff until you are left with the good stuff

Focus on what won’t change

Most companies focus on the next big thing

Sell your by products

  • There is probably something you haven’t thought about that you could sell too

Launch now



  • Easy to put your head down and work out what you think needs to be done. Harder to think why it needs to be done
  • Add value – adding something is easy, adding value is hard
  • What could you be doing instead?



Who cares what they’re doing?

  • Don’t try and emulate and build something better. Redefine the rules not build something slightly better



Be at home good

  • Don’t make it good in the store, just make it good at home

Don’t write it down

If you listen enough to what they say then no need to write it



Out teach your competition

Focus on teaching rather than selling

Emulate chefs

Chefs share everything they know (cookbooks)

Drug dealers get it right

They are willing to give up a little bit at the start for free



Do it yourself first

Don’t hire until you have completed task first

Hire managers of one

Come up with your own goals and execute

Hire great writers

How to say your sorry

A good apology accepts responsibility. It shows people the buck stops with you.



Decisions are temporary

Don’t make a problem that’s not there yet

Sounds like you

Write to read, not just to write

Four letter words

Never say need, can’t or easy



Inspiration is perishable

Inspiration has an expiration date.  If you want to do something, do it now.


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