The Prosperous Coach – by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin

‘Increase income and impact for you and your clients’

The Prosperous Coach as specifically about how coaches can create more clients, but these techniques can be more broadly applicable to anyone trying to sell any services.  There are plenty of good tips around creating magical experiences, stopping your ‘busy work’, getting to a firm yes/no, slowing down, deciding and taking action.

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Here is a dot point summary of the book!


Part 1: The Prosperous Coach


Hummingbird on every page

The tiny versatile hummingbird symbolizes the message of the book

The hummingbird can rotate in a complete circle, fly forwards , backwards, up down sideways and upside down

  • Law of physics says it should be impossible for hummingbird to fly


Ch 1 Why isn’t this working?

  • Say to your clients what no one else would dare to say
  • Be fearless in your coaching and how to create clients
  • Show your clients what they cannot see


Ch2 Without a client you are not a coach

  • Their approach is all about acquiring the next client



Part 2: The Miracle of Coaching


Ch4 – Drop the phony stuff

  • People try and catch up for coffee as options for first meeting a prospect
  • This diminishes your chances as you look like a social coach
  • Instead, throw them in the slammer. Get a small room in a tin warehouse by the waterfront with a single light bulb hanging from a frayed wire , a small table and two metal chairs
  • Create a clearing so a transformation can take place




Ch5 – Set your bar high. And clear it


Ch8 – Love the ‘hard’ part

“Safety is the enemy of success. Be proud of your mistakes. Take a risk. Fail spectacularly. And then go out and fail more”

  • Overlap coaching with the business of coaching



Part 3: Creating Clients

Ch11 – the best way to predict the future is to create it

  • Getting clients is old fashioned, hunter gatherer approach. It puts the success in the hands of other people. Puts you into an aggressive mindset that isn’t conducive to having people say yes
  • Clients are created in a conversation
  • High paying clients are only created in impactful, life changing coaching conversations


Ch13 – Ok, here we go, a bold promise: this will get you clients

18 points

  1. Sell the experience not the concept
  2. No cold calling
  3. Know the half life of enthusiasm
  4. Use conversations
  5. Use certainty versus belief
  6. Share stories and case histories
  7. The lamp post metaphor
  8. Get a coach


Ch14 – Have the disciplines be fun


No cold calling

  • Calling someone up you don’t know doesn’t work with coaching
  • You already know enough people who know people who know people. You really do.


Honor conversations

Don’t worry about social media, honour the person in front of you

All those other things eat up your whole day when it could have been in a conversation



Find the goal behind the clients goal

  • What does your future life look like. What if you don’t do anything (coaching) and nothing changes. What are the consequences. How painful is it


  1. Maintain innocence in getting yes or no
  • Yes lives in the land of no. Don’t be afraid of no


Look at it like a waiter at a café

  • Asking would you like coffee? Then they bring you a coffee, that’s service


  1. Slow down
  • Look at who your next conversation with is
  • Everything you want is right in front of you. You just don’t see it because everyone is racing around


Ch15 – Things you should simply stop doing

-stop wasting time on website and business card

Stop hiding behind lengthy emails to potential clients

Stop your 30 minute taster sessions

Stop trying to market what you do

Stop going to networking events

Stop trying to get the word out

  • No high performing client was ever created outside of a conversation



Ch16 – Try this step-by-step process (Ch17-20)

Step 1 Connect

  • Ask yourself who would I LOVE to speak to, and then call them
  • Sometimes you notice the person you are speaking to has a challenge
  • Maybe their struggling to turn a dream into a clear vision


Step 2 Invite

  • Ask would you like some help with that
  • Let them know you will change their life


Step 3 Create

  • Clients don’t care about what you have to offer or what you charge
  • They are too busy thinking about their problems or their dreams
  • They ask only one question, can you help me?


Step 4 Propose

  • It’s a hell yea or a no, for both parties
  • Don’t be afraid of the money
  • Make sure it is a clear yes or no


Ch22 – Don’t close a sale, open a relationship

  • Approach a conversation with a potential client from a place of being really present
  • Ask about their dreams and desires, fears and pain
  • Only if you see a place where you can help, ask ‘would you like some support with that?’


Ch27 Possibility will trump affordability

  • Do not end the phone call with affordability a the end of the conversation
  • Have them thinking about possibility and not affordability



Part 4: Fearless Coaching


Ch 30 – Magical vs Magic

18 components of fearless coaching


  1. Search for the glimpse of genius in the person in front of you
  • Believe in them
  1. Go deeper
  • Secret dream/goal behind the goal
  1. Be ok with silence
  2. Keep some attention on the inside
  • Don’t be afraid to use your intuition
  1. Lead powerfully
  • Coaching requires passion and authority
  • Never forget who is the coach and who is the client
  1. Come with spirit
  • Tap into a higher calling/universe


  1. Seek permission
  • Would it be OK if I asked you a question about that


  1. Invest in yourself


Ch32 – Learn to love those feisty no’s

  • If someone flopped a coin a lot of times could you tell me how many heads they got?
  • You couldn’t make this judgement without the information



Ch 35 – Sometimes the best email is no emails


Ch 42 – Don’t charge for what you do

  • Don’t bill for time elapsed
  • If you talk about per hour, this demeans your coaching



Ch 43 – The best time to plant a tree

  • Is 20 years ago
  • Don’t wait, coach raise your fees, make bold proposals


Ch44 – don’t be a wallflower tell your story

“I don’t usually talk about my accomplishments”

  • Bingo, check your bank account
  • Talk about yourself because if gives me confidence in my decision to work with you
  • It makes their decision much easier
  • I want a coach who knows who they are and how good they are
  • Stop all that fear based fake humility and stop trying to win friends and influence people




Part 5: Deep Inner Work


Ch 49 – The value of daily practice


Ch 52 Service: energy out = energy back

Who can I serve? All attention and energy into it

  • Email them an article
  • Call to check in with them
  • Offer a coaching review session




Ch 54 – Who are you being?


Ch 57 – Time to step being so busy

  • Most busyness comes from our wild ongoing attempts to please others



Ch 58 – Slow down to speed up success

  • Martial arts story, page 172
  • Space is where miracles occur



Ch 62 – Fail and fail and then fail more

  • I’ve issued more than 9000 shows in my career. I’ve lost 300 games. 26 times I have been trusted to take the game – winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed
  • Failure zone page 185


Ch 67 – You are the one you are looking for

  • There is no one like you in the world. In a planet of 6.5 billion people, YOU are a very scarce commodity



Ch 68 – Five frogs are sitting on a log

  • Five frogs are sitting on a log and 4 decide to jump off. How many are sitting there>
  • Five



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