The Millionaire Fastlane – by MJ DeMarco

The Millionaire Fastlane – by MJ DeMarco

“Crack the code to wealth and live rich for a lifetime”

This book might be a little uncomfortable to read but it’s a serious punch in the face. This isn’t for everyone, but if you’ve got a bit of a sense that the traditional path isn’t leading to wealth and happiness, this might be the wakeup call you need. MJ distinguishes between the Sidewalk (sacrificing tomorrow by always spending more than you earn), the Slowlane (sacrificing today by living frugally and relying on time and hope and compound interest) and the Fastlane (taking control and leveraging time through entrepreneurship to get rick quick).

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Here is a dot point summary of the book!




Introduction – the road to wealth has a short cut

  • You don’t have to settle for mediocrity, you can live rich, retire four decades early and live a life that most cant
  • The shortcut is cleverly camouflaged from your view, sadly
  • Instead of the shortcut, your led down a paralyzing road to mediocrity
  • That road is called the slowlane. Go to school, get good grades, graduate, get a job, save 10%, then someday when you are 65 you will be rich
  • You have to unlearn what you have learned


  • How about your dreams? Do they need resuscitation? If your dreams have lost probability, its possible “get rich slow” has killed them


Part 1 – wealth in a wheel chair “get rich slow” is get rich old


Ch1 – the great deception

  • Normal is nothing to aspire to. Its something to get away from Jodie Foster


The guy on cribs doesn’t say “yo dog I got this Ferrari F430 … got rich chilling in mutual funds and popping that phat money in my 401K


  • The message of the “get rich slow” is to sacrifice your today, your dreams and your life plan for a plan that pays dividends after most of your life has evaporated”
  • The real BS is to allow get rich slow to kill your dreams
  • It takes a lifetime but millions take the 50 year gamble


Ch2 – how I screwed “get rich slow”

“the object of life is not to be on the side of the masses, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane”


  • MJ met a guy in a lambo who said I am an inventor
  • Graduated from uni with two business degrees
  • He says it was a 5 year brainwashing with graduation as the overrated climax
  • Started jumping from business venture to business venture, fell into a depression, his businesses were not self sufficient neither was he
  • Lost himself in books
  • Pleaded to himself that the fastlane entrepreneur operates under an exponential scale, those who hold jobs operate under a linear scale
  • “you cannot live another day like this, if I was going to survive I needed to change”


  • He started selling leads to his site


Part 2 – wealth is not a road but a road trip

  • Your pursuit of wealth stalls when your focus is the road and destination and not the trip
  • Wealth is a process not an event.
  • Without a process there is no event
  • If you say “wow if only I could be so lucky. Such a belief is a mirage of event over process”


Ch4 – the roadmaps to wealth

  • Your belief system acts like a roadmap and compass to leave you down a lifetime of detours


Part 3 – poorness: the sidewalk roadmap

  • The road most traveled
  • Contract for a pleasurable today in lieu of a more secure tomorrow
  • Money outflow exceeds inflow


Beliefs page 34

Debt – credit allows me to buy things now

Income – whatever pay the most

Money – if you got it flaunt it

Life – live today and to hell with tomorrow

  • Put faith into politicians to change the system
  • You lose money on get rich quick schemes
  • A person under 55, is 57% likely to have 0 net worth or negative net worth


  • Why would something that you have tried for 5, 10, 20 years suddenly start working


Ch6 – has your wealth been toxified

  • Wealth is the ability to fully experience life
  • Society conditions us to believe that is an absolute construct affected by material possessions
  • He tailored the hook of the book to societies definition of wealth
  • Wealth is family, freedom and fitness


Ch7 misuse money and money will misuse you

  • People who declare “money doesn’t buy happiness” have concluded they will never have money
  • Normal is modern day slavery. Waking up fighting traffic. Working for 8 hours. Save 10% for 50 years. Believing that the stock market will make you rich


Ch8 lucky bastards play the game

  • Process creates events others see as luck
  • When you consistently bombard the world with our efforts, interacting with the waves of others, stuff happens


  • Why advertise at 2am? Hit the sidewalkers, because they are unemployed or watching re runs of Seinfeld.



  • They laid me off
  • They changed the terms
  • They didn’t tell me
  • They raised the rent
  • They raised my interest rate


  • Eugene complaining about being paid 11.95 an hour. He can’t afford a car or Wal Marts health insurance
  • Give this guy a bitch slap
  • Hey Eugene , if your tired of making 11$ an hour raise your value to society. Get your ass over to the library
  • The fastlane is about control. If you live like a sidewalker you have no control


  • Advertisements, you deserve X… Get the car loan you deserve. .. Been in an accident? Get the money you deserve
  • You deserve what your actions earned, or haven’t earned


Part 4 – Mediocrity : The slowlane roadmap

  • The driving force behind wealth in the slowlane is time
  • Weekdays consumed in the office, whilst weekends are spent home “recharging” from the rigors of the workweek
  • After 12 years in law he decides no longer is enjoyable, but endures


  • Wealth is best lived in the prime of your life, not in its twilight after 40 years of 50 hour work weeks , that pulverize your dreams into surrender
  • Deep in our soul we know this, yet we continue to faithfully pledge obedience to a financial road map, that promises wealth after 4 decades


Time perception – time is abundant and I will trade my time for money. The more I pay off debt and save the more money I will have at age 65

Wealth perception – work, save , invest

Destination – a comfortable retirement in twilight years


Be weary if someone is selling you the slowlane plan to wealth.

  • No to expensive lates
  • Graduate, get good grades,  buy and hold, your home is an asset, get out of debt, understand compound interest


Have you sold your soul for a weekend?

In 2007 , Joshua Bell, one of the greatest musicians in the world who a few nights earlier played to a sold out hall in Boston for 100$ a ticket

As Josh played his Violin in Washington DC train station, in the midst of the morning commuter rush, approx 2000 people passed, most on their way to work

Only 6 people stopped briefly

20 gave money and continued on a brisk pace


Not even the greatest musician in the world can illuminate the blinding depths of the rat race, and those entrenched by its indifference

Life does not begin on a Friday night and end on a Monday morning


Thank god its Friday: born and bred in the slowlane

  • For me every day is a Saturday, because I haven’t sold my Monday to Friday
  • MJ and his mate at a bar on Friday, everyone pumped up. What makes Friday so special as opposed to Monday or Wednesday?
  • Saturday and Sunday is the payment for Monday through Friday. Friday symbolizes the emergence of that payment
  • Freedom for two days
  • The prostitution of Monday through Friday is the reason “thank God its Friday exists


  • Give me 5$ today and in return ill give you 2$ back tomorrow. A 5 for 2, No?
  • The default return on investment is negative


Ch11 The Criminal Trade : Your job

  • He attended a job workshop in Chicago
  • He acted interested and happy and it was acceptable. It wasn’t. He spent 5 years in college to sit in a 6×6 cubicle and cold call people?



  • If you want to escape the slowlane, find wealth and freedom fast, you’ve got to dump the job. Dump the damn job!


Suckage 1- In a job , you sell your life for money

  1. Limitation on experience. Learn more as an entrepreneur than 10 years working at dead end jobs.
  2. No control. Sure your job can support, but is your goal only support?
  3. Lindas bad breath. Politics in the office
  4. Subscription to pay yourself last
  5. Dictatorship on income. They control your pay rise, usually max 10%. If you demand 1000% you will get a punch in the face.
  • A job seals your criminal trade: five days of life traded for two



Ch13 – The Futile Fight – Education

  • The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education – Albert Einstein
  • Slowlane will argue, MBA grads earn 15% MORE!
  • The cost of an MBA is 44K and 800 hours. Steve justifies the twofold expense because he anticipates his intrinsic value to rise.
  • He is still trading time for money, just at a higher rate


Ch 14 – the hypocrisy of the gurus

  • Like going to a class that promotes healthy nutrition. A fat kid walks in and you think he is sitting down as a student, but he ends of being the teacher of the class


  • Suze, we consume all her books, TV, about investing for long term and compound growth, a high volume producer of slowlane goods
  • Is Suze rich because she invests for the long term in 401Ks? Or is she fastlane rich because she leverages the fastlane roadmap whilst she pitches you the slowlane?
  • Or Robert with two dads, did his Lamborghini arrive after selling millions of books, games and seminars?
  • Their wealth comes from your belief


Ch 15 – slowlane victory a gamble of hope

  • In 2002 a survey found that 69% of people said they would need to work past retirement age
  • A year earlier 45% said they would need to work into their 70s and 80s
  • From this stat , we can deduce the slowlane failure rate is near 70%



Part 5 – Wealth : the fastlane roadmap

Fast is if your 18 getting filthy rich by 25. If you are 30, retired by 36.. Etc

But is it safe? Risky?


Sidewalk: 1 in 6 million of winning 10 million

Slowlane  – first prize odds of winning 500K is 1/6 (16%) in 40 years

Fastlane – 10 mill awarded in 6 years, 14% chance


Time perception – time is the most important asset I have, far exceeding money

Education – moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing

Money perception – is the reflection of the lives I have touched

Destination – passive income


Azur story page 113


The fastlane is a business system – the slowlane is a job


Ch 17 – switch teams and playbooks

  • Applied this means instead of buying products on TV, sell products
  • Instead of borrowing money, lend it
  • Instead of taking a class, offer a class
  • Instead of taking a job, hire for jbs
  • Break free from consumption, switch sides and reorient to the world as a producer


Ch 19 – divorce wealth from time

  • To break time is to grow a money tree


Seed 1 – rental systems

Seed 2 – computer/software systems (internet business)

Seed 3 – content systems information, books, podcasts, youtube channel

Seed 4 – distribution systems . A way of distributing products to the masses.

Seed 5 – human resource systems (unpredictable and difficult to manage)


Ch21 – the real law of wealth

  • The law of attraction is crap. The law of affection is real
  • Law of affection, the more lives you affect in an entity you control in scale and/or magnitude the richer you will become


Part 6 – your vehicle to wealth, you!


Ch 23 – lifes steering wheel

  • If you retrace poverty’s footprints you will find it always starts at the same place. Choice!
  • Poor choices are the leading cause of poorness
  • Our choices have the consequences to transcend decades
  • You can make a choice right now that can change the trajectory of your future. It is the difference between poverty and wealth


Erosion of horsepower

  • When you are under 25 you have maximum horsepower
  • Your choices discharge an incredible amount of firepower
  • A simple choice MJ made 20 years ago is still felt today
  • Where will each branch of your current decisions lead?
  • Fastlane is a process of hundreds of choices
  • If you are younger than 30 your choices are at peak horsepower because they are growing thick branches of your choice tree


Ch 24 – wipe your windshield clean

Choice of perception 

  • If you lose your job it can be negative or positive. If you are caught speeding, you can be angry or thankful.
  • If you think 10K is a lot of money, the perception leads to the choices of action
  • If your life and world is canvassed with words like “never” or “cant”, guess what, you can’t and you never will?
  • To change your perception is to change your future actions


If you want extraordinary results, you’re going to need extraordinary thinking. Unfortunately, extraordinary is not found trapped in society’s gravity thinking and the beliefs that fuel them


Ch 25 – deodorize flatulent headwinds

  • If you go to a kindergarten and ask how many can sing , everyone throws their hand up!
  • Fast forward 13 years later, ask the same question, only a few go up
  • What changed? The kindergarten kids believed because no one told them otherwise


Who are farts headwinds? 

  1. Friends and family who don’t get it
  2. Education institutions who spread slowlane dogma
  3. Parents conditioned to believe wealth is for other people
  4. Slowlane gurus who claim your house is your best investment
  5. Your environment
  • Negative influences are dark clouds. Defend yourself or suffer the consequences
  • If you hate your job and it sucks the life out of you . It is a headwind


Creating accelerative winds

  • Who are the people you can count on? Pick better warriors to have on your team


Ch26 – Your primordial fuel: time

  • Value your time poorly and you will be poor. (people driving 2 hours for a free crispy cream donut)
  • Average American watches more than 4 hours of TV each day, in a 65 year life that is 9 years glued to the tube. Why? Life sucks. Life needs an escape.
  • Show me someone who spends hours playing Mafia wars or Farmville, I will show you someone who isn’t very successful
  • The greatest theft of humanity is to act as if or time on this Earth is infinite when it isn’t
  • You can always acquire more money, but you can never acquire more mortality


Ch27 change that dirty stale oil

  • Make the real world your university. Yes, you are your own university.
  • Education is freely available
  • Driving university
  • Exercise university
  • Waiting uni
  • Toilet uni
  • Jobbing uni
  • TV time uni


  • Set a goal to read 12 books a year


Ch 28 – hit the redline

  • Get out and start having a crack
  • Fear of failure is normal, yet failure creates experience and experience breeds wisdom


Take intelligent risks and skip the moronic ones

  • Intelligent risks have a limited downside while their upside is unlimited
  • Moronic risks have a bottomless downside and their upside is limited


You have a challenge, if you want to hit home runs, you have to step up to the plate and swing

Home runs or singles cant be hit sitting on your butt in the dugout or sitting on the couch while killing grunts on Halo. Start striking out! After enough swings acclimating yourself to the velocity of business, contact becomes easier


Part 7 – roads to wealth


Ch30 – commandment of need

  • Stop chasing money and start chasing needs
  • Money isn’t attracted to selfish people. It is attracted to business people that solve problems, fills needs and adds value
  • Motivational fuel is passion and not love
  • Passion for an end goal, a why, drives fastlane action


Ch31 commandment of entry

  • Jammed roads move slowly
  • He went to a networking marketing company with 50K like minded distributors.. Could he be exceptional amongst them? He doubted it
  • Spot the signs of everyone is doing it and get out


Ch 32 – commandment of control

  • He owns the keys has the power


Ch33 – commandment of scale

  • Be in the business of home runs
  • Consider scale at the start
  • Thing big, nationally and global


Ch34 commandment of time

  • A business attached to your time is a
  • job


Part 9 your speed – accelerate wealth


Ch43 – build brands and not businesses

  • Bad people, bad service, bad product are like a weak night, bishop and castle full of idiots. But marketing is a queen, you can survive with a powerful queen
  • Own a unique selling proposition


Ch 44 – choose monogamy over polygamy

  • Lock me in in chain get me in the fast lane

Bitch gonna make it rain!

Slowlane , its lame, full of pain

Musician in the street





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