The Click Moment – by Frans Johansson

The Click Moment by Frans Johansson

‘Seizing Opportunity in an Unpredictable World’


This is a great business book. The world is random and there are forces out there that make success impossible to predict, so we need to be doing everything we can to harness randomness and use it to our advantage. The famed ‘10,000 hours rule’ works in many cases, but it’s essentially irrelevant in the business world. Instead, we need to focus on three things: click moments, placing purposeful bets, and allowing complex forces to work for us.


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Here is a dot point summary of the book!


Seizing Opportunity in an Unpredictable World


  • The man who let Desperate Housewives and Lost through was out of a job before they even started. CEO of Disney said ‘never going to work’


Idea 1: Success is random.

Idea 2: There are a number of specific actions individuals or organizations can take to capture randomness and focus it to our favour


A Click Moment is : When we look back and think that was when it all started


Ch1 The Moldavian Theory of Success

Most watched video on net is Numa Numa. This shot up the song Dragostea din tei up the charts in the USA , after there marketing budget failed


  • Story of Nike

Bill Browerman grappled with a spikeless sports shoe. He poured three latex waffles


  • Barack Obama
  • Prior to 2004 he had no or little chance of winning a presidency. His keynote speech in the 2004 senate and introduce a new political player on the national scene
  • It spread virally of the internet to millions, Philadelphia Daily News said ‘Who the heck is this guy’



Ultimately, we look at the specific actions you can take to increase your own exposure to serendipity, luck and random events and learn how to capitalize on outcomes that end up working in your favour.


approaches for capturing randomness

  1. Click moments
  2. Purposeful bets


Ch2 Serena’s Secret

  • Richard Williams heard that in 1980 a Romanian tennis player earned 40K in one day
  • He said lets have more kids and make them tennis players
  • By 3 and 4 – they were practicing 2 hours a day
  • 10,000 hour rule is well documented. But this only applies to certain types of activities, tennis, chess, violin, basketball
  • Things that go against the rule is Richard Branson starting Virgin, Reed Hasting founder of netflix
  • Tennis is in line with the rule because you know what the game will be in 10 years
  • It is a fixed system that limits creativity
  • What drives success in chess isn’t the same as a new business model


Ch3 Nokia Mystery

  • In 2007 Nokia was the Serena Williams of mobile phones
  • Market cap of 162 billion and dropped 90%
  • iPhone changed the rules for the mobile phone market
  • If rules are changing, this explains why success is random
  • CEO of leading tech site said ‘Apple is about to come out with a new phone… and It will largely fail’
  • Nokia had all the best people in the world from the industry and they were all dead wrong


Ch4 The Twilight of Logic

  • Stephanie Meyer woke up from an incredibly vivid dream and wrote every night about it
  • She wrote a 498 page story and her sister urged her to try and get it published
  • She released twilight, achieved all this success despite having minimal experience
  • Predictability has plummeted to all the time low


Ch5 The Conspiracy of Randomness

  • We want to think things happen for a reason and that we should be able to understand those reasons
  • We think its unfair if we achieve something good that we have luck to thank
  • World Rock Paper scissors society writes books about the topic


Part ii Seizing Opportunity

Ch6 3 Random Moves of Dianne Von Furstenburg

  • Randomness should be the plan
  • When you try something new you step  into the world of unpredictability
  • Making a purposeful bet is powerful not because it may succeed, but because it opens you up to unexpected interactions


Ch7 Click Moments

  • Microsoft only had 3 people working on Version 3 of windows (out of 8000 employees)
  • At the time it was going down
  • It should have never been released if not for the chance encounter of two people at a party
  • Occur when two separate ideas, people, concepts meet
  • Better if they are very different from each other
  • Click moments elicit an emotional response such as awe, excitement, happiness
  • An irrationally strong desire to take the idea to the next level
  • Act on click moment straight away, don’t let it slip through finders


Ch8 How to create click moments


  1. Take your eyes off the ball to connect with possibilities around you, explore things not connected to immediate goals
  2. Use intersectional thinking
  3. Follow your curiosity
  4. Reject the predictable path


Ch9 Purposeful Bets

It is impossible to know if the idea will work out before you invest your time, money, reputation and energy. You are essentially placing a bet

  • In a casino you are better off not making any bets, but there is no house in the real world
  • You are generally better off trying to start a new company or investing in the economy
  • Don’t bet the stack


Ch10 How to place purposeful bets

  1. Place many bets
  2. Minimize bet size – colossal bets can have a big upside, but only if you get them right the first time. But that’s unlikely
  • A small bet is a low risk action to test an idea
  1. Take the smallest executable step (as a test)
  2. Calculate affordable loss, not ROI
  3. Use passion as fuel


Ch11 Complex Forces

Ch12 How to harness complex forces


  1. Create large hooks
  • To harness complex forces you must do something for them to latch onto. That is, do something.
  1. Take a closer look at surprises
  2. Look for an opening
  3. Spot momentum and intensity
  4. Double down
  • Invest time , money and reputation when it is going good



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