Libby Babet [Author of: ‘Totally BUF’]

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We went to the BUF Girls office near Bondi Beach and spoke with Libby Babet. Following on from our previous episode about stoping smoking, we thought a few listeners (ourselves included) might have some New Years Resolutions around health and fitness, and Libby is just the person to offer some advice!

Libby received the life-changing diagnosis of malignant hypertension in her early 20s, but then used it as a platform and turned it into a life-long mission to inspire a new generation of happy, healthy, empowered, active people.

Libby believes she was put on this planet to help people be happier, feel good about themselves and live a full life by creating a positive life culture they live and breathe. Health and fitness turned out to be the most impactful way for her to do that, so Libby set out on a mission to create some unique businesses.

Hello entertrainment crew the BUF Girls, Bondi based athletic group training studio AGOGA, as well as healthy food businesses Chief Bar and This Natural Life.

Libby is also an author and journalist dedicated to writing on topics that inspire women and shift the way the way they think about their health. Her new book, Totally BUF, has just been released and in 2018 she’s taking 200 female entrepreneurs and business leaders to a 5-day business and wellness retreat in Fiji with her new venture Nurture Her!



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