Dr Rick Brinkman [Author: Dealing With People You Can’t Stand]

Our interview of Dr Rick Brinkman, author of the book we read last week, ‘Dealing With People You Can’t Stand‘. He has written five books in total, with his sixth coming out in May 2017. You can grab a free copy of his book and the audiobook for ‘Dealing With Relatives‘ at the special site Dr Rick created for you, http://www.rickbrinkman.com/whatyouwilllearn/

In this discussion, Dr Rick took us through a great description of his creation, the “Lens of Understanding”.


You can see the image for yourself or see a full description here. The ‘Lens’ combines two spectrums, three zones, four behaviours and thirteen different personality types on one simple diagram.


Dr Rick has also provided a few freebies and discounts at www.rickbrinkman.com/whatyouwilllearn – check it out!



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