Stephen Guise [Author: Mini Habits]

Our interview with Stephen Guise, author of ‘Mini Habits’ and ‘How to Be an Imperfectionist’.

Following on from our last episode, where we shared the best bits from the book ‘Mini Habits’, we spoke with author Stephen Guise. Stephen told us about the day of the ‘Golden Pushup’, the day in December 2012 when he accidentally discovered the power of ‘mini habits’. He’d decided that he wanted to work out more, so he wanted to do a 30-minute session, but it was just too daunting and he couldn’t work up the willpower or motivation to start. So instead, he decided to start with something so easy he couldn’t NOT do it: one pushup.

In this conversation, we discuss the power of Mini Habits, and we get into Stephen’s more recent book ‘How to Be an Imperfectionist’. He also explains the brain joke from his book (but we still don’t get it…)

Scott Pape [Author: The Barefoot Investor]

Our interview with Scott Pape, better known as ‘The Barefoot Investor’

In our previous episode, we gave a summary of Scott’s new book, ‘The Barefoot Investor’ and how you can apply his simple strategies to better control your personal finances. The book has been at #1 on the Australian charts for over 12 weeks now and has sold over 150,000 copies.

In this episode, we find out a little more about:

– How Scott became Barefoot

– The lies and tricks of dodgy financial institutions

– How ticking the wrong box can cost you around $250,000

– Scott’s views on the property market and buying a house

– The benefits of achieving control over your finances

And much more!

Janine Allis [Author: The Accidental Entrepreneur]

Our interview with Janine Allis

Janine Allis co-founded Boost Juice in the year 2000. In 2004 she was awarded Australian Businesswoman of the Year. Today, Boost Juice has 500 stores in 17 countries employing 7,000 staff and has made over $2 billion in sales. Janine is also one of the ‘sharks’ on the Australian version of Shark Tank.

In this conversation, we discuss:

– Life is a journey

– Selling your house and quitting your job to chase your dream

– Two types of people: VERBs and SOARs (hint: you want to be a SOAR)

– How she was a ‘dormant’ entrepreneur and didn’t really discover that entrepreneurial spirit until her 30s

– The new season of Shark Tank Australia, starting in May 2017

We hope you enjoy Janine as much as we did!

Dr Rick Brinkman [Author: Dealing With People You Can’t Stand]

Our interview of Dr Rick Brinkman, author of the book we read last week, ‘Dealing With People You Can’t Stand‘. He has written five books in total, with his sixth coming out in May 2017. You can grab a free copy of his book and the audiobook for ‘Dealing With Relatives‘ at the special site Dr Rick created for you,

In this discussion, Dr Rick took us through a great description of his creation, the “Lens of Understanding”.


You can see the image for yourself or see a full description here. The ‘Lens’ combines two spectrums, three zones, four behaviours and thirteen different personality types on one simple diagram.


Dr Rick has also provided a few freebies and discounts at – check it out!



Amy Morin [Author: 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do]

Our interview with Amy Morin, the author of the book ’13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do’.

When Amy was 23 years old, she went to a basketball game with her mother. Within twenty-four hours, her happy, healthy, vibrant mother died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. After years of sorrow and grief, on the third anniversary of her mother’s passing, she took her new husband to the same basketball stadium to remember her mother. When they got home, Lincoln complained of back pain. Within minutes, he collapsed and had a heart attack. An ambulance took him to hospital, but Lincoln was already gone.

Amy learned that “time doesn’t heal anything”. Things don’t magically get better if we wait long enough; it’s about how we choose to deal with the grief.

Years later, not long after she’d eventually remarried, he new father-in-law was diagnosed with terminal cancer. That is when Amy wrote a little blog post listing the ’13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do’. The post went viral and she later fleshed out her list into a book with practical steps to avoid these 13 Things and improve our mental strength.

Epic Measures – by Jeremy N Smith

Epic Measures – by Jeremy N Smith

‘One Doctor. Seven Billion Patients.’

Epic Measures is the true story of the largest study of human health ever undertaken. It’s crazy to learn that before this study, no one actually knew what was killing people or how many people were affected by each disease. By determining what is killing people, we can begin to identify our biggest risks, and work out what is making us sick and how we can improve it.

In this episode, we spoke with Jemery Smith, the author of Epic Measures. He told us how this decades-long project can help all seven billion of us live longer and better lives.

Grab a copy of the book here:

Timber Hawkeye [Author: Buddhist Boot Camp and Faithfully Religionless]

Our interview with Timber Hawkeye, author of Buddhist Boot Camp and Faithfully Religionless.

Timber was working at a law firm in corporate America, but eventually realised that it wasn’t a life he wanted to live. He decided to work part time so that he could live full time. He sold all of his material possessions and even lived in a monastery, and now he’s sharing the lessons he learned with the rest of the world. Everyone can apply these Buddhist principles to enhance their life, regardless of their religion (or lack thereof).

Timber’s mission is to awaken, enlighten, enrich and inspire. In this episode, we discuss pain and suffering, blaming others, letting go, choosing good over not-so-good, finding excuses, going on a media diet, and his support of the Prison Library Project.

Check out his recommended reading list and grab a copy of his books here:

Matthew Michalewicz [Author: Life in Half A Second]

Matthew Michalewicz is the author of one of our favourite books, Life in Half A Second.

The book lays out the 5 steps to achieve success before it’s too late: Clarity, Desire, Belief, Knowledge and Action. Matthew has shared some freebies with us: the first two chapters of his book are available here, and he has a free video series outlining the 5 steps at

Matthew started his first business when he was 18. He became a certified Personal Trainer as a way to make money to pay for his college tuition. Since then, he’s gone on to build and sell three businesses. Most recently, he sold SolveIT Software for 8 figures. He’s currently building his newest company, Complexica, which harnesses Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to improve the effectiveness of salespeople. He hopes to one day float this company on the stock exchange.

This was an incredible conversation. Matthew talked about his path to success and some of his life’s journey so far, as well as some of his favourite books and the best investment he ever made.

You can grab a copy of his book Life in Half A Second here: